Amy Walker

As a professional, Amy has over eight years of experience in communications and event management in the Middle East and India.

Outside of her professional life, Amy spends her time focusing on well-being and personal development. In her own personal growth, reading, meditation, journaling and physical well-being are daily priorities. She also works with a mentor on an ongoing basis and attends workshops and seminars around such topics as self-discovery, mindfulness and mental health where relevant.

Growing up in the UAE, Amy is truly inspired by the UAE’s focus on happiness and well-being and is currently conducting a research project entitled “The Zindagi Project” where she is interviewing people from different backgrounds to discover what happiness means to the people of the UAE. With zindagi meaning life, Amy’s research looks to showcase personal and human insight into what it means to create a happy life. The project has led her into a more specific focus on how well-being is being integrated into education here in the UAE and so has begun interviews with guidance counselors and education professionals to broaden her understanding of the topic.

Amy’s true passion is taking her personal passion for personal development and well-being into education, using her time to write and speak on these topics where possible and being an active voice on social media. Most recently, Amy spoke at Dubai College, her own high school, to speak to Year 12 & 13 about anxiety around university and life-changing decisions.

This passion came from a personal experience of crippling anxiety and depression that caused her to drop out in her third year of university. It wasn’t until she was 25 that Amy was able to find the resources and understanding of what she had experienced that instigated her own journey into well-being, a journey which included three years of traveling in India studying Eastern healing modalities and seeking to bring them into a modern context.

Amy’s primary desire to translate her own learning and experience into being of service so that students don’t have to face the same obstacles that she did. She is deeply committed to offering students the opportunity to build a balanced life of well-being, empathy and compassion towards themselves and the world around them in whatever way possible.