Alexia Bjarkan

I’m a Swedish weight loss coach based in Dubai. I’m specializing in the ketogenic/keto diet, which is a scientific protocol for reaching target weight simply through eating.

The keto method results in ketosis, a metabolic state that puts the body into automatic weight loss mode by switching the body’s energy fuel source from carbohydrates to fat. Other typical outcomes from ketosis are satiation, relief from food cravings and a boost in energy. This change in body chemistry means that it’s possible to lose weight comfortably and sustainably, until reaching target weight.

In addition to being an effective weight loss method, the keto diet is a way to eat to optimize health. It’s been scientifically proven to minimize the risk for chronic illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. The ketogenic diet can also reverse diabetes type 2.

The keto way of eating is an interesting topic for the UAE market since it offers a solution to the region’s health issues while being easy to implement. A majority of UAE’s population is overweight, and a large portion has diabetes or is pre-diabetic. At the same time, Dubai residents have busy lifestyles that are not compatible with time-consuming diets and workout regimes.

The keto diet is a perfect fit since it offers automatic weight loss and reversal of diabetes type 2 simply through eating, no exercise required. Most importantly is the ketogenic way of eating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, since it also results in mental clarity and a boost in energy.

Adopting the keto diet helped me heal long-term health issues and made me realize food’s powerful impact. The life transformation that followed gave me a passion for helping others achieve their full potential too, starting with healthy eating. I love sharing the message of how the natural way of eating keto can empower people to optimize health and from there, do anything in life!