Abeer Al Matooq

Life and Corporate Coach - Auther

After 19 years of employment in different roles in the Human Capital Development arena, of which the last 3 years I was serving as Director of HR and Administration in a reputed semi government entity in Bahrain I decided its time to follow my dreams and do what I always wanted to do, to start a life coaching company and write my first book, it was obvious that it was time because I of wasn’t able to get my messages of Authenticy, importance of true leadership ( even without a title ) living with meaning and purpose and only do what matters not what is expected . there and then I knew its time to go out there and create my own platform to allow those messages to reach to the largest number possible, so I established my company ( Thrive ) which is a coaching consultancy serving both individuals and organizations with a focus on women leadership ( both in their own personal lives and career lives ) where I work with teams, groups as well as through one to one sessions .
I am also a certified image consultant and color analyst, I love combining this knowledge with my life coaching skills to help my clients present themselves in the best manner and fashion as part of their transformation and living a better life journey, my belief is that your look and image has a language of its own, and its going to speak on your behalf anyways, so its only smarter and wiser to utilize it to our advantage .
I have also published my first book ( Be true to the song in your heart) which suggests that we are all born with a song, a mission, a calling that is placed in our heart, nd only our pursuit of such can guarantee a life of fulfillment, happiness and thriving .
I belive my life purpose is to inspire people to be courageous enough to honor their own dreams, and ensure that their days to day choices are based on their own overall purpose, living on autopilot and only for the eason of getting by is not really what we are all here for , thats one of mu strong convictions and i dream of a world where everybody is leading life, career, relationships, choices with awareness, consiouscness and absolute love to the self and to all and the role we all play on forming and reforming this world .