Aida Murad

Social Entrepreneur

Aida Murad, raised in Jordan, is an Arab-American social entrepreneur, international artist, motivational speaker and an organizer for the One Journey Festival, a festival that celebrates refugees’ talents through art, fashion, food and music. Currently, she is building strategic partnerships for Localized, a workforce readiness startup that empowers youth to a better future through virtual mentoring and career guidance. She also leads workshops on branding, personal transformation and the business of art in partnership with the Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute, DC based start-ups and 202Creates, an initiative by the Mayor of Washington DC.

Previously she co-founded a sustainable fashion startup and built the first women’s only e-commerce platform in Jordan. She also worked with several international development firms to build partnerships among development and humanitarian stakeholders. Aida additionally worked in partnership with the Jordanian Government to further economic reforms. She received the 2017 FHI 360 Impact Award for Woman Leadership, 2017 Most Voted RAW Artist, 2017 Inaugural Artist for goARTful and 2016 FHI 360 Emerging Leader.

Aida describes herself as a life long learner and aims to live a meaningful life with the people she loves (a constantly growing group). She believes every decision we take either invests in the roots of Love or Fear and she aims to be one of the biggest investors in Love while living life out of her comfort zone. Most importantly she hopes to inspire others along the journey to pursue their deepest dreams and help them become bigger investors in Love which is why she chooses to be a public speaker. She is always ready to talk about: Strategy – Partnerships – Creativity – Social Impact.

Currently she is based between Washington DC, New York and Amman, Jordan.