Basma Eissa

UAE Executive Director

She has been in her current positions as an Executive Director for R&P Consulting in the UAE and a Senior Director of International Business Development at The Private Office of Sheikh Saeed in Italy since March 2019, after acting as a Senior Manager for Business Development at the same Sheikh Office in Dubai and working for two different private offices for the Royal Family members of Abu Dhabi when she first moved to UAE in 2014. During her current role, she leads a team of professionals that act as advisors to clients who are currently based in the UAE or have decided to explore doing business in the UAE market and/or the region. As a Business Professional, she is working closely with the global team members of R&P Consulting in different countries and territories, and also with The Private Office of Sheikh Saeed to achieve its vision and contribute to UAE economy.
Because of her challenge-oriented persona, Basma is always seeking excellence through her current career path, motivated by her ability to make a difference at any place she works for and directed by her frequent crave for self-development through a value adding work environment.
Over the past few years, Basma has received different awards for professional and academic excellence, most recent one was a public speaking award “Best Table Topics”.