Dana Shaddad

Driven by her passion for youth empowerment, Dana founded Imtiaz ME in 2009 specialising in entrepreneurship development and innovation in emerging markets, initially focused on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), expanding to Eastern Europe, Central Asia and more recently Pan Africa. This resulted in Dana working with a slew of government, NGO and corporate clients and partners aligned with this mission through entrepreneurship, education, employability and job creation programmemes.  Through Imtiaz and with global partners she co-founded and recently completed the fourth cycle of the Arab Mobile Challenge, the largest mobile innovation platform of its kind in the MENA region. Dana went on to successfully launch the same in Eastern Europe/Central Asia and Pan Africa in consecutive years. In addition to implementing over 100 startup programmemes and events over the course of her career, she co-designed the first edu-tech accelerator in MENA and delivered the first co-hort, consulted to a regional NGO and a GCC development bank, as well as delivered a regional startup event for the first time in Algeria. She is currently launching a job integration and employability programme for refugees and disadvantaged youth in Jordan, rolling out a youth a startup competition for 14-18 year old’s to promote entrepreneurship and employability skills at a younger age, and developing a financial inclusion programme in Uganda and Tanzania.