Dunia Alhegelan

Awesome Kid Speaker

Born the 29th of March 2011 Dunia Alhegelan did not wait long to make her mark on this planet. At the age of 4 months she started swimming & her passion for water had her scuba diving by the time she was 4 years old.
Following her parents philosophy of “open as many doors as possible for your child; and let them decide which ones to walk trough”, Dunia tried performance theatre, ballet, platform diving, soccer, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Chess, water skiing surfing & wake surfing; before settling into BJJ, Diving and water sports.
A passionate reader & socially conscious individual, she decided to join her father as a weekly co-host of the Facebook Life Talks Live Channel in order to share with other children one of her pillar ideologies:
“Just because you are little, does not mean you can not do big things”.
At the age of 5 her book “Duniaisms” (a mixture of her sayings & her illustrations) was published and it was used as a platform to raise funds for a local UAE charity.
By the age of 6, she won Gold medals in Gymnastics, Diving, Jiu Jitsu and placed at the top of several chess tournaments.
Dunia is available for speaking engagements along with her father Omar Alhegelan to talk about “Developing Positive Relations between Parents & Children.”