Hessa Al Ghurair

Hessa Al Ghurair is a highly-regarded expert, speaker, advisor and writer in the field of human resources, business and finance. She brings passion and dedication to a variety of issues- especially Emirati leadership and empowering women in business. Showing conventional wisdom inside and outside the boardroom, Hessa is a recognised thought leader and social influencer in the region and recently won the Linkedin UAE Power Profile Award and IBX Inspirational Female Leader Award. Known for her refreshingly candid and insightful talks, she is a frequent keynote speaker in regional and global conferences, such as McKinsey’s HR Forum and ASHRM. Moreover, she is an inspirational writer providing her insightful commentary on political and business industry news in leading regional media and international publications. She is currently the Chief Human Resource Officer and Head of Corporate Social Responsibility of CBI and draws on her background of 15 years in human resources in the banking industry. Her ambitious leadership and respected expertise has positioned her as a trusted advisor to senior business leaders in the UAE across all critical aspects of HR.