Laura Holland

Laura left the corporate world in 2008, leaving behind a successful career as an economist working with a prestigious company in Mayfair, London, and made the decision to follow her passion for health, food and wellbeing. This took her on an incredible journey of becoming a clinical nutritionist, consulting with people and corporations worldwide, founding nutrition and lifestyle brand BeU, being a passionate advocate for positive body image and empowering people with the tools to create their own health experience, whilst publishing her book, Your BeUtiful Body. Laura is a voice for change in the way we view health and food, embracing the latest understanding of biology and epigenetic’s whilst being inspired by ancient medicinal healing modalities and what quantum physics now tells us about the laws of the universe and how they are directly effecting our life and health experience. Laura is an expert at communicating these complex ideas, from both scientific and traditional healing orientated arenas, and bringing them together in a relatable and practical way so people can feel empowered by this information. She also teaches people how to make this information relevant for their body, as we are all unique, whilst sharing her tools that make change feel like just the next best, inspired, feel-good step.