Lubna Olayan


Olayan became the first Saudi woman to serve on the board of a publicly-traded company in 2004 for the Saudi Holandi bank. Although that bank no longer exists, Olayan remains one of Saudi Arabia’s most accomplished businesswomen. In April last year she retired as CEO of the Olayan Financing Company (OFC) after 33 years at its helm. The OFC is her family business—the Olayan Group’s—Riyadh-based investment arm. Olayan is still a member of the group’s Corporate Board of Directors, the Shareholders’ Board, and the Olayan Family Council. As of June 2019.she became the chairperson of the third largest bank in the Kingdom, the Saudi British Bank (SABB). The Olayan Group is the second largest shareholder in SABB— whose market value is about 18 billion., the groups 18% is worth in the region of $ 3 billion.