Lubna Taji

Lubna Taji is the Founder and Managing Director of Fun Robotics, the first KHDA-approved dedicated robotics/STEM center in the UAE. Her aspiration is to create the tools and the conducive environment for future innovators and makers to flourish.

Throughout the past six years, Lubna and her team at Fun Robotics have worked closely with students, schools, universities, institutions and individual educators to promote robotics/making as a means to support STEM and STEAM education, and to provide children and young adults with opportunities to unleash their creativity and achieve their goals with confidence.

During the past years, Fun Robotics teams have achieved a number of awards in robotics competitions in the UAE including first and second places in 2015 World Robot Olympiad (WRO), among the top four in 2016 WRO, and the second place in 2016 First Lego League. Accordingly, Fun Robotics teams have represented the UAE in the WRO finals conducted in Doha – Qatar in 2015 and in New Delhi in 2016.

In 2017, two of Fun Robotics’ projects have been shortlisted for the Robotics For Good competition. And then First Place in FLL competition and then presented UAE in UK and achieved first place in Teamwork and Core Values.

In 2018, Fun Robotics won the 1st and 2nd place Inspiration Award in the First Lego League competition FLL UAE as well as the 1st MechanicalDesign Award. In addition to that, Fun Robotics got qualified to participate in the Arab Open Robotics Championship and won the Innovative Solution 1st place Award.

Lubna has received her B.Sc. degree in computer science from the University of Jordan. She has also done advanced studies in education, with an emphasis on gifted and talented students. Lubna has received advanced training in robotics from the Robotics Academy of Carnegie Mellon University. She has also received advanced training in “Mastering innovation and Design Thinking” from the MIT in Massachusetts-Boston. Lubna is also certified as STEM and Project-Based Learning Author from PTC Boston. And finally, she has done professional development at Stanford University in “Strategic Planning, Design and implementation of an educational MakerSpaces program”.