Mariam Alammadi


Mariam Alammadi has been working in the mental health sector for the last ten years. She is a licensed psychologist and has experience in working for an NGO, counsellor, youth leader and creating workshops. She is the founder of the Child Foundation Center & CFC Psychology a psychological center that provides specialized care in counseling and milestone development. In 2012 she opened her first private practice in Bahrain and was selected to represent Bahrain in the prestigious “International Youth Leadership Program” in United States in their program “Preventing & Confronting Domestic Abuse and Violence”. 

Mariam was elected as a committee member of the Middle Eastern Psychological Association (MEPA) in 2017 and re-elected in 2019.  She was awarded the “Top 50 Smart Healthcare Leaders Award” in recognition of her contribution to Healthcare in the November 2018. Mariam was selected and featured on WOW WOMEN a platform which tells the extraordinary stories of women around the world in January 2019. In March 2019 Mariam won the “Bahrain Women Achiever’s Award 2019” from the Royal Hospital for Women & Children. In December 2019 received an IFAH Award for her work in the field of Mental Health.