Marya Hussain


English literature and Sociology were my Majors. I have diverse experiences ranging from copywriting, and content writing to teaching.
I am also an avid reader to me reading is inhaling and writing is exhaling.
I have been writing and directing plays since grade 8. Moving through life I had several opportunities to pursue the creative streak within me, and not to mention the jobs I had to undertake to pay the bills. All in all life has been an enthralling journey so far, not without bumps, twists and turns. It took me eighteen long years to return to something that was my first true passion. In 2019, I was introduced to HelenO Grady Developmental drama a self development programme for children. This is something that wakes me up in the morning and helps me get out of bed on days when my inner world is totally disrupted by the outer realities. Its during such times that the thought of 15 beautiful gleaming faces waiting for me in anticipation; was enough motivation for me. The thought that they believed in me and that I was the source of that joyful light in their eyes was more than what was needed to get me going. It is through this sheer joy of giving and sharing and believing that I feel replenished and fulfilled.
I would like to drive this message home to whosoever is struggling and fighting battles within and without would be just that keep hanging in there! Keep fighting for you never know you may be the only knight in shining armour someone is looking upto