Maymuna Akhter


hi !!! people , this is maymuna akher , hailing from bangladesh , residing in dubai , i am 19 years old motivational speaker , debater , MUN’er , ambassador , host , volunteer , humanitarian , best employee , project maker and blessed with what not . currently a student of an university and also an employee of Microsoft . I have always worked on personal development , career goals , team works etc . Ever since i was a kid , i have always had that stage fear phobia , always had an assumption that what people might think of me , and thought the only way to overcome this fear was public speaking . THAT’S WHEN THE PASSION BEHIND BECOMING A SPOKESPERSON DEVELOPED , from there to a motivational speaker with lots of ups and downs in life is indeed success to me . i was awarded the speaker award when i was in grade 5 TODDLER !!!

apart from schools , i have also been to universities like UOWD , SKYLINE , SPJAIN etc and currently serving as an ambassador of THE YOUNG VISION MAGAZINE which aims at nurturing young minds . i have always worked for the youth by creating a platform for them to showcase and exhibit their talents , be what it may . i hold 60 + certifications and awards in every field of my talent i posses , where MODEL UNITED NATIONS , INFERNO , GLOBAL EDUCATION SUMMIT , DEWA , DUBAI MUNICIPALITY “s credentials are masterpiece in my resume .

My upcoming plans are
1) launch an application for stage fear students
2) “AMIO PARI ” a website which create a medium for underpriviledge students to a free soft copy of a book and also consultancy .
3) an organisation website which will consist of the details of the people deprive of medical aid ………and many more .
Since i like teaching , my aimbition is to become a professor , for teaching provides me with a great deal of satisfaction and sense of peace and most importantly i love work working with young people and persuade their innovative ideas