Mechket Guellouz

Mechket Guellouz, born in France, raised in former Yugoslavia, India and Iraq, lived in Tunisia, China and Switzerland and currently based in Dubai for the past 12 years. A professional career in many global institutions, multinationals and the United Nations since my graduation in Chinese Language from Beijing Language and Culture University. Crazy in love with Life, enjoy meeting new people, I consider myself being successful in raising my son while I was a single mom before becoming Mrs. Bedran recently. Forever hungry for developing my knowledge and my skills.

I support organizations ensure that people and business are aligned, sharing a common focus to realize their strategic vision.
I help organizations set clear objectives in all aspects of Human Resource Management, measure contribution, drive skills development, mediate, resolve conflicts, develop HR policies and legal compliance.

I facilitate strategic decisions that add value to the organization such as cost cutting, turn around strategies, internal staff trainings, development of talents and succession management.