Muna Shakour

Founder & Personal Development Coach

My name is Muna Shakour and I am the founder of Inside Out with Muna, a group training and coaching platform to help people find their own source of calm, clarity, and genuine happiness. I am a bilingual (Arabic and English) certified Life Coach, specializing in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Training and Facilitation. I am also the creator of the “The Inside Out Journey” public workshop. I work with groups and companies, teaching people about the amazing power of the conscious and subconscious mind to be able to handle stress, to feel greater ease and acceptance. My approach brings the benefits of science-based tools and strategies into the practical realm of our daily lives to discover calm and balance in a common-sense, relatable manner.
I graduated with a major in Communications and a minor in Child Psychology from Boston, USA. For 15 years, I worked in Communications with several large companies. My career enabled me to travel the world, meet people from all walks of life, gain real-world experiences, in addition to valuable international training programs in Management, Leadership, Self-Awareness, Intercultural Intelligence, and soft skills.
As an ardent student, my passion is to learn and be inspired by new concepts and also to teach and motivate others to live their own purposeful life.