Nina Zandnia

Nina is Swedish who grew up in New York and Sweden. She has lived in Australia and for the past 10 years in Dubai. She has a Masters and an Honors degree in journalism and TV broadcasting, and an Honors degree in Media Law and Ethics from NYU/Bond/ Griffith University. She speaks 6 languages fluently. Nina has been called the Princess of the Middle East and the Queen of Media because of her exceptional work in TV/Media/Fashion and Humanitarian work by Great Woman Awards and Ahlan Magazine. She won the Great Woman Awards 2016 Middle East for her achievements. She was in the Top 100 Middle Eastern Influencer and she was chosen as the Top 40 All Star Middle East. She is called Victoria Beckham of the UAE, The Best Dressed Female By Harper’s Bazaar, The Fashion and Media Icon by Velvet Magazine, The Most Beautiful TV Personality by Cosmopolitan Magazine, and The Fashionista of Middle East by HELLO Magazine. The Most Fashionable Girl by Grazia and many more international magazines. She was nominated for the woman of the year award, nominated for an Achievement award 2012, and also nominated for an Entrepreneurship award. She has been Face and ambassador of major Brands. Here are few links for your review. She hosted a live TV show for 30 Million viewers around the world interviewing Logan Paul the worlds Biggest Meet and Greet in Dubai Mall.