Noorah Kareem

Noorah Kareem is a visual communicator, intuitive thinker, storyteller, motivational speaker and event host that has dedicated her life to supporting those who want to make a difference in the world by helping them get out of their own way, work through their inner-critic & taking the next level.

Noorah has always been a teacher. Her background is in Special Education, behavioral disorders and fine Arts. She has also been trained in art therapy in 2013 giving her an insight into the conscious and unconscious mind and where there may be a gap between the two.

She is also certified in personal and social branding, group coaching, emotional intelligence and two personality assessments. She is an ongoing student of graphology. Her core values are gratitude, living honestly, courage, playful expression and curiosity

She has worked with individuals and teams all the way from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Sweden, USA, and Japan. To help them redefine what success/happiness/content means to them, go to the heart of the dilemma and find breakthroughs, and create a culture that can thrive based on relationships and conversations that work. In her words, “One of my main goals is to support female leaders and entrepreneurs because what I have found is that when we start putting ourselves and our work out there, there’s a sudden need to market and promote yourself and with it, all those inner-critics and inner-gremlins pop-up. I know this was true for me and for many of female clients, and I want to support them through it.“ Noorah runs her own online and in-person coaching business and is the creator of Sometimes In Life the podcast and online educational courses. Noorah’s appeared on: MBC, Rotana Kaleejiya, Saudi Channel 2 and AlThaqafiyah. She has been featured in: Cover of Destination Riyadh and Jeddah Magazine, KhaleejeSqe , Saudi Gazette, Women’s Skills Bureau, and Saudi Gazette.