Rachel Faye Tagapulot

Words can make a big impact to one’s life if delivered well, concisely and if coming from the heart. If you mean and believe what you say, the audience will surely remember the details.

I am a Licensed Professional Teacher with 2 years of experience, a Professional Model for 8 years and a Beauty Queen from Cagayan de Oro city, Philippines. A Vice President for Community in a non-profit organization known as the Junior Chamber International in my chapter Kagayhaan Gold. I recently came here to UAE to explore more of my capabilities, and now currently looking for a venue to continue creating an impact.

I create my own module according to my client’s needs. May it be for Personality Development for certain age group, leadership training for either students or professionals, and Modeling workshops to boost one’s self-confidence (which may also be part on Personality Development sessions). I also organize leadership trainings with fun team building activities.