Randah Taher

Randah Taher’s work is grounded in the design facilitation, leadership development, creative environments and Cultures of Innovation. In addition to her Management & Education degrees, she earned a Masters of Science in Creativity, Innovation and Change. Leadership from State University of New York. A certified FourSight consultant in Thinking styles and preferences, she is used to managing multi-disciplinary teams in projects that required flexibility of both experimenting and implementing innovative programs, offering an autonomous environment to take initiative, and capitalizing on people’s collective idea generating methods and creative problem solving skills. Highlights of her work include the design and development of the “Creative Institute of Toronto’s Young Leaders (CITY Leaders), the Montreal-based storytelling powerhouse of “My Arabic Story”, and her consulting practice in “Sajory” on measuring and enhancing Cultures of Innovation. She sits on panel discussions and speaks at global events on topics related to innovation, cultures of innovation, and creative teams and workplaces.