Rula Husseini

Life Empowerment Coach

My name is Rula – an ambitious, determined and successful Master life coach and HR expert who has been working and living in Bahrain for almost 15 years. As an Arab woman living in the Middle East, throughout my entire life I have aspired to be a successful HR professional working for the largest enterprises, believing that this was the ultimate meaning of success and happiness.

Yes, I did succeed and work for the best large enterprises in Bahrain, achieving what I thought would bring me extreme happiness.

But, from time to time, I felt stuck in the mundane and ordinary aspects and ongoing planning of my day-to-day life. A feeling that never went away despite trying out all the motivational tools I learned from my career.

As a result, I started looking for solutions to regain focus and empower myself. My life’s turning point happened once I joined an exclusive self-discovery journey to figure out the purpose of my life and where I really want to be.

Today, I’m no longer made prisoner to aspirations that did not give me real happiness. I am a certified Master NLP life coach, Relationship Coach, Master Emotional Release Therapy Practitioner Master Hypnotherapist, and Theta Healer with a focused dedication to help empower people, unleashing their potential and helping them find purpose and enjoyment in their lives.

Begin your journey of self-discovery today, do not wait 20 years like I did. Remind yourself to do more of what makes your soul happy.