Sabeen Roshan

Personal Development, Empowerment & Life Coach

– Unanimously awarded the “Best Table Topics Speaker” award by Emirates Toastmasters Club on November 15, 2017
– X Banker (13 years banking experience in Pakistan and the UAE)
– Reiki Master
– Personal Development Enthusiast & Proponent Of Deliberate Manifestation (more popularly known as Law Of Attraction)
– Recently authored a book on “Intentional Manifestation”, publication deal under progress
– Solopreneur and fashion designer

There are so many of us who have compelling stories/experiences to share with the world. I am just one of the many who have a message to spread. In a world where technology is outpacing personal development and soul evolution, I feel we have lost touch with ourselves (i.e. our real self) and the meaning of life. Joy is becoming increasingly dependent on material wellbeing alone, and for many, material wellbeing seems like an unattainable dream.
My passion for speaking stems from the fact that I want to tell people about how they can align their soul purpose with the Divine plan to achieve greater physical, mental, emotional, spiritual wellbeing AND MATERIAL success in life like their other more successful counterparts.
I want to utilize all platforms and opportunities available to share my insights to decode the manifestation mystery, and this contest seems absolutely Divinely ordained to do so. It is so synchronistic and perfectly timed as I have recently authored a book on the subject (awaiting publication).
Given a chance, I would love to help awaken people to their true and greatest potential to live a life of their dreams.
Peace and Hugs