Samaa Hosny

Author, Trainer, Coach, and Consultant: Personal Leadership

Author, academic, trainer, coach, consultant, and public speaker in social and personal development issues. Founder of “The Prosperous Introvert” mentorship program. My strength as a public speaker lies in the fact that I am a multipotentialite. I seek to bridge the gap between academia and social life, between arts and sciences, and between all sorts of human backgrounds seeking synergy among all human kind.
My main areas of expertise are decision making, social cohesion, inclusive societies, social innovation, and youth and women empowerment.
I love public speaking because I like learning and sharing my knowledge with the world, especially in the field of decision making. I noticed that most people have limiting constraints when it comes to making their most important life decisions, hence suffering for a long time thereafter. I have learned those lessons through a lot of heart ache that has forged me into the person I am today, which is mentoring and inspiring so many people. Hence, my goal is to share life lessons with the audience to inspire them take risks, especially women and the seemingly powerless in our societies. I teach them through role modeling and storytelling how to believe in themselves and their inner strength and how to fall and come up again. I have gone through chemical depression, self-doubt, lack of fulfillment for so many years that I can save millions of people like me by being their lightning rod. This is what my mission in life is.