Sara Elwady

Motivational Speaker, Professional Development Trainer, Certified Coach

Sara Elwady is a Motivational speaker, Professional trainer and Certified Coach. She passionately helps people to discover their meaning in life and to live it to its full potential.

Sara is a Certified Coach from the international coaching federation, certified MTa facilitator for experiential learning and has been dubbed “the positive energy ambassador”.

In her coaching, Sara helps people to be more successful, build their legacy and uncover their greatest potential, creating a life with a purpose filled with happiness and uniqueness. She helped hundred discover their ultimate career choice.

In her training, Sara trained many white and blue collars across a vast array of national and international organizations and corporations, helping them to achieve the highest standards in their fields through better communications, working in harmony with teams and ability to lead better; those skills translated to their personal lives, enriching it more.

She gave trained universities, ministries, corporates and organizations like the Unicef. She trained multi nationalities across different countries.
She trained more than 7500 employees and students.

Sara is from the New Valley, the farthest governate in Egypt, she dreamt of studying medicine but due to the lack of resource in the valley, she got a BA of education, and has been an active member in the university’s student activities, she was later awarded the first place in the national higher education poetry competition that year.

While facing strong objections from her family, she moved to Cairo to further improve herself in the field of training, she preserved and got a lot of scholarships to study professional training
Sara passed a lot of hardships and suffered loss presented in passing away of her mother and some of her siblings

Sara believes that every person was born with a purpose. She is striving to help that person to find it, be successful and leave his/her mark in life