Sara Shatta

Co-Founder of AIBE | Life Coach | Motivational Speaker

Sara Shatta is a Life Coach, Certified Trainer, and motivational speaker, her life purpose is to guide people to be the best version of themselves.

She has experience in different fields (HR, training & development and banking) which gave her a rich experience to coach and train people with different backgrounds. She started her passion for coaching and training ever since she was in college.

She Co-Founded AIBE ( Association of Investment, Business, and Economics) in 2012, it is an organization that strives to decrease the gap between theoretical and practical parts in the education system for Universities’ students to enrich their educational, leadership experience as well as awakening their entrepreneurial sense. AIBE aims to generate efficient and effective productive Youth by implementing “Practice makes Perfect ” concept Also fostering and inspiring the participant to ensure future skilled generations.

AIBE has more than 3,600 graduates over the past 6 years and continues to generate from 600 to 700 graduates who are ready to enter the Job market or start their own startups.
The organization is now at Ain Shams University and Sadat Academy for Management Sciences in Egypt and her vision to make it global and influence more students worldwide.
In AIBE Sara’s mission, besides the strategic planning of organization, was to coach the organization’s members and guide them through identifying their goals and train them in different skill sets.

Sara was a trainer in WEF foundation and responsible for training blue collars in corporates and nurses in hospitals in Egypt on different skills (leadership, positive thinking, communication skills, stress, anger and time management, etc) which affected their personal and professional life and increased their work performance , she also provided recommendations to corporates to enhance work environment and job satisfaction .
She was also responsible for projects to train and develop orphans as well as train the management of orphans’ institutions to enhance the living environment.

She has faced a lot of challenges in her life, one of these challenges, she had a work accident that made her lose the hearing sense in one of her ears which she partially recovered shortly after, it helped her discover the Sequence theory that changed her life and enforced the positive thinking within her. Now, Sara wants to help all the survivors facing challenges in their lives to take control of their lives and live a happier life through the sequence.
The Sequence Concept is a way of thinking towards life challenges in a positive & motivational way, how we can be more aware of every event happen to us and how we can catch or create opportunities out of any challenges we face.