Sepideh Moussavi

A Corporate Trainer and Facilitator and a passionate Culture Coach #CultureCoachSep.
On a MISSION to empower, educate and inspire clients to bridge their cultural gaps, value different viewpoints, build meaningful solid social connections and ultimately to have a culturally sustainable and sensitive social impact to thrive in today’s rapidly changing and diverse world.
My VISION is a better world for future generations, a more respectful world towards diversity and more engaging communities with a willingness to change and commitment to inclusion.
Born in the UK and raised in the Middle East, I traveled and lived across many countries until 2013, when I relocated from the UK to my current home, Dubai.
My expertise and interest in cross-cultural interactions are underpinned by a significant track record of a professional working career in the UK, as a multilingual Interpreter that lasted for twelve years.
That, together with my own integrated cultural background and working as a CIPD qualified Learning and Development professional for 6+ years contributed to my well-rounded approach and exposure to cultural differences, recognizing the importance of social interactions and effective communication, and appreciation of cultural diversity and power of inclusion.
Today, I work closely with leading businesses as an Associate Trainer/ Coach/ Consultant to identify their development gaps, design, develop and deliver targeted bespoke programs and to help them reach new heights, engage more effectively with employees and to create stronger cross-cultural workplaces based on psychological and sociological theories, frameworks and solutions.
I also provide coaching and training through private/ group workshops, one-on-one sessions or speaking engagements on the topic of how cultures shape our personalities, how it influences our way of living, communicating and decision making and how to utilize diversity and create inclusion by understanding the impact of cultural values, implicit beliefs and stereotypes in our personal and professional lives.

In my personal life, I am passionate about:
1) Humanity; to be kind and compassionate towards all humankind
2) Challenges; only to face them and find the best alternative solutions for them
3) Transformation; to be a change-maker in society and always feel comfortable with being uncomfortable
4) Giving; to find opportunities to be an active citizen in her community
5) Learning; A lifelong student on a journey of self-mastery