Shaden Bolbol

Shaden is a bilingual (Arabic & English) presenter, professional Master of Ceremonies/panel moderator, public speaker & life coach. She is a main speaker in LifeTalksLive powered by MENA Speakers – a platform on a mission to positively affect people’s lives through 7-minute daily Live online videos, which has gained over 186,000 followers. Her clients include universities, government sector, private banks and large corporations across the UAE such as – Ministry of State for Happiness, UAE Cabinet, Abu Dhabi Investment Company, Zayed University, Anjez. Driven by the pursuit of excellence. Shaden completed her BA in Architecture on a full scholarship from IIT in Chicago, USA & worked in leading multi disciplinary architecture firms in the US and MENA region. Whilst practicing Architecture, she completed her life coaching certification from CTI, an ICF accredited coach training organization, also the oldest and largest in the world. Driven by a mission to positively affect people’s lives, she founded Seeds for Change, a Life Coaching and Self Development Company. She is also founder of The Change Project, a community initiative, which hosts self-development seminars in Abu Dhabi. She is currently the Business Development Manager in Arabian Industrial LLC. Life Coach, Architect – All are just labels attached to Shaden. Above all, Shaden is a human being that is deeply in touch with her humanity. Shaden believes in living a life of personal growth and service to the world- why? Simply because peace is the answer and love is the way. Shaden believes that the power of the heart, with a little bit of courage from each of us, will create global peace and unity.