Shamoly Khera

International Speaker, Presenter, Public Speaking Coach

Shamoly Khera is a multi-faceted speaker. She is a TV presenter, Producer, public speaker and Speaking coach. Born and raised in Mumbai, India Shamoly has global exposure and experience of addressing audience in international markets. With a full fledged production house, Shamoly shuttles between Dubai and Mumbai.

Shamoly has been the face of various television networks like UTV, Zee TV Middle East, MBC Bollywood with her shows. She has studied theatre, stage acting, presenting to camera and has groomed multiple aspirants to face the camera as well as overcome their fear of the camera & stage.

Speaking and engaging with any audience comes naturally to Shamoly. Ingrained with a fresh sense of humour and ease of knowledge, Shamoly is a natural conversationalist. In her career spanning 8 years, has interviewed great stalwarts from Bollywood celebrities, sports leaders to business tycoons. To name a few – Amitabh Bachchan, Shashi Tharoor, Mohammad Bin Salyem, Ronnie Karam, Shahrukh Khan, Dr. B. R. Shetty, Michael Roach, Ramesh Kalyanaraman, Akshay Kumar amongst others. She speaks fluent English and her 8 years of presenting on camera and stage allow her to connect in an instant, positioning her as one of the top entertainers in India and the Gulf region.

Most often when she is not on stage or in front of the camera, Shamoly is conceptualising show concepts or scouting scripts for theatre production, or writing for publications like Femina, Gulf News and Times. Shamoly delivers highly impactful and transformational public speaking workshops, with her natural interest in emotional intelligence. Shamoly believes that “Speaking to Inspire” is her one mission in life, and she wants everyone else to find that voice. She taps on her vast experience to empower people with their best self. Having studied as a medical professional, Shamoly studied to be a Doctor but believes that being a performer is her best skill, and pursued her passion of conquering the stage and camera. Through her well-guided workshops, she has trained various professionals – from executives and entrepreneurs to housewives and students, to find and design their inspiring voice. Her customised public speaking course allows anyone to upgrade their communication skills and be heard.

Shamoly is soon launching her initiative called “Speak To Inspire” where she will share useful tips on being an effective speaker and creating an impact with words and voice.