Suzanna Kalendzhian

Suzanna Kalendzhian is a Dubai-based female entrepreneur, a lawyer, and the founder of Legal Advice Middle East. She created an innovative platform that connects consumers and lawyers across the Middle East by allowing them to find, communicate and transact with each other online. enables consumers to look up legal issues, ask questions, and interview lawyers. Lawyers, in turn, are given the opportunity to showcase their skills and expertise to prospective clients. Through the convenience and privacy of the Internet, people can access the legal advice they require, and lawyers can effectively market their services. Legal Advice Middle East, the first online legal services marketplace in the region, was nominated for Dubai SME Stars of Business Awards 2016 and recently became a Winner of the 2016 Innovating Justice Award from the Hague Institute for Innovation of Law (HiiL). The legal tech startup from Dubai was selected by HiiL for the 2017 Innovating Justice Accelerator program and received grant financing.