Walaa Al Fayeg

Walaa Al Fayeg have always relied on both instinct and deep sense of innovation when observing the creative world of design, fashion, beauty and contemporary art and architecture. For this, she is deeply immersed by its ability to affect people’s lives through how they feel, live, observe and view different aspects of their daily life. The deep sense of individuality and originality that each piece of art generates and passes onto many generations is what mainly triggers her attention and appreciation for all aspects of creativity including, Art, Architecture, Luxury Lifestyle, Travel, Fashion, Beauty and Fine Dining.

Recently she is serving as a main TV presenter for the daily TV show TRENDING broadcasting on the number one TV Channel in Middle East and Africa MBC with an average audience of 100 Million viewers for the channel. Walaa also served as Harper’s Bazaar Arabia illustrator, Elle girl Fashion lead in Abu Dhabi, a social media influencer in the Middle East, a certified Architect and a Project Manager.

Walaa is featured in many International Media & publications (Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Elle Girl Japan, Villa 88, Rolling Stones Middle East, Heya Magazine, MBC etc.), she also collaborated with Many International Fashion & Beauty Brands.

Walaa is an Architect & an Entrepreneur based in the United Arab Emirates with a major influence in the fashion & beauty scene within Middle East. She is also acting as a Fashion Business Consultant for many local emerging brands with a major influence in the Fashion industry within Middle East.

Constantly in the lookout for emerging talents and brands to highlight in the upcoming creative scene.