Zara Hovelsas

Zara is a Swedish health and fitness specialist training private clients in Dubai for the last 5 years. She made the transition from the world of fashion after having worked in the business for 15 years in London, New York, and Dubai. She found that she cared more about the wellbeing of her teams and individuals than she did of the actual business and decided to change. She is also an avid animal welfare ambassador for various organizations in the UAE and outside and makes sure her work is done ethically in line with her strong belief system where nature and animals matters the most. Being Swedish, fitness and health comes very natural to Zara, the active lifestyle has been a constant throughout her life and she sees it as a positive challenge to be able to install this passion and lifestyle in other cultures where activity might not be at the forefront. Zara loves to encourage and motivate others through a sense of humor and encouraging facts on positive lifestyle changes, she does so through establishing a real connection with her clients. She cares for each and every clients journey as if it’s her own and constantly follows up and coaches when needed, inside and outside working hours.