Zoe Turner

Podcaster/Hypnotherapist/Sales Professional

Zoe is the executive producer and presenter of The Simply Flawsome Podcast. The Podcast was established to build a reach to those who aspire to be great but like many of us have times of doubt and difficulty.  She interviews inspiring individuals from all over the world –entrepreneurs, sports personalities and anyone who she feels can bring value to her audience. Her book `use it or lose it` – 31 days to mind mastery – inspired her to start this podcast.  Why? Because she believes mental health should be our number one priority, and when we are equipped with the right tools and strategies we can truly move forward in life.

Zoe is a certified Coach and hypnotherapist with over 20 years of experience in assisting individuals to achieve positive results in their lives. Zoe has been training Corporates and Business professionals who are stressed and burnt out assisting them to achieve change with ritual and routine for over 10 years.